We have a number of FREE E-learning platforms available for maritime industry.

The Maritime English e-learning platform integrates examples of real tasks and activities onboard different types of vessels, such as VHF communications conducted by seafarers when using current technology. It also integrates case-based scenarios in various vessels with real communication situations using the SMCP phrases according to the IMO Model courses.


SeaSAFER is an online platform that offers a learning and an assessment tool for the training of seafarers. The platform was developed through simulation of past accidents/incidents at sea.


his EndorseMe tool is designed using an easy-to-use database format, to simplify the search and categorisation of information specifically related to the recognition Certificate of Competency (CoC). This is geared towards seafarers across all EU member states, and third countries.


SEA MENTORS platform and its tool will enable a platform to enable knowledge transfers between seafarers in various ranks which directly adapts vocational education and training to labour market needs, and contributing to innovation in vocational education and training. Initially, SEA MENTORS will disseminate and transfer the innovative practices developed within the partnership, across Europe and internationally.

seamentors.com & seamentors.eu