About Us

Our History

MARITIME INNOVATORS was founded back in 2017 offering innovative solutions to Maritime Industry in Turkey and across Europe. The company history lays back to 2010 when the founder, Mr. Ugurcan Acar, engaged heavily in number of innovative projects during their development, implementation and management stage as an active seafarer.

The company mainly focusses on Maritime related solutions under European Programme and work with the leading organisations across Europe, of all sizes, universities and both public and private research organizations.

Our Achievements

A number of our proposals have been funded by European Unionm where MARITIME INNOVATORS were partner as below:

  • PraC-MARENG: PRActical and Communication based MARitime ENGlish
  • SeaSAFER: Simulation of Sea Accidents For Effective Responses
  • ENDORSEME: Enabling Seafarers to Mutual Endorsement
  • SEAMENTORS: SEAfarers Experiential Knowledge Based MENTORS
  • SEA4SHORE: Seafarers Experience Appealing For Shore

Our Vision

MARITIME INNOVATORS like to develop through innovation and support:

– the agenda of Europe hence the citizens to be better equipped with the knowledge, skills and competences

– high quality, inclusive education and training, as well as informal and non-formal learning

– Europe’s innovation capacity by developing digital skills and competences and skills in forward-looking fields, such as combating climate change, clean energy, artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data analysis

PraC-MARENG Conference | Presentation | Ugurcan Acar | MARITIME INNOVATORS

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