The ENDORSEME Erasmus+ project represents a collaborative initiative involving six organizations from diverse European countries. Its primary objective is to conduct research and enhance the recognition and validation of maritime certificates.

This project is focused on achieving the following goals:

  1. Identifying challenges related to certificate recognition and validation through surveys and the exploration of uncharted territories for relevant information.
  2. Creating a user-friendly platform and an online tool designed to benefit seafarers, shipowners, and maritime education and training (MET) institutions. This tool facilitates the assessment of seafarers’ certificate recognition across different countries.
  3. The ENDORSEME platform will cross-reference maritime certificates to establish a higher-quality system tailored to the specific requirements of each member state. It will also ensure that MET programs remain in compliance with evolving local and international standards, minimizing disruptions. The platform’s quality assurance system will foster the exchange of best practices among member states, ensuring the continual provision of high-quality education, training, and assessment.

For detailed information, please visit project website: