Sea4SHORE aims to address the challenges faced by seafarers, whose average tenure at sea is less than 5 years, by integrating them into shore-based occupations. This project seeks to utilize the expertise gained at sea to fulfill the shortage of “sea-experienced” personnel in shore-based maritime roles.

The project unfolds in three stages:

  • Stage 1 (WP1): Project Management: Ensures smooth organization and effective task implementation.
  • Stage 2 (WP2-4): Mapping Shore Job Profiles, Awareness Platform, Assessment Tool: Researches shore job profiles, develops an awareness platform, and designs an assessment tool.
  • Stage 3 (WP5): Dissemination and Exploitation: Focuses on spreading project findings and leveraging outcomes.

The project delivers:

  • Competency Map and Job Profiles: Provides a comprehensive overview of required skills and shore-based job roles within the maritime sector.
  • Awareness Platform: A user-friendly online platform that raises awareness and facilitates the transition process for seafarers.
  • Online Transition Tool: A digital tool designed to assist seafarers in integrating into shore positions, accessible through an internet connection.